The Mary Shaver Band plays sweet soul, blues and rock n roll around Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, Baltimore and Pennsylvania. The band can soothe you with a soft soul ballad or pull you in with traditional hard core blues standards.  Mary’s high energy vocals are sustained by gutsy guitar riffs, masterfully executed by Keith Grimes.  Raice McLeod’s skillful and soulful drumming seals the group’s foundation.  The Mary Shaver Band is a force with which to be reckoned.

The Washington Post has defined Mary as a “blues-icon in the making”.

For you Hot Tomatoes Lovers -
In October of 1999, three prominent DC area female blues singers met, shortly after Mary Shaver released her debut album, “No Time Like Now”.  Janine Wilson, Cindy Cain and Mary Shaver forged not only personal and musical friendships, but also an all female blues vocal power trio, outside of their own bands.  They called themselves “Les Tomates Chaud” or “The Hot Tomatoes”.  Top DC area blues musicians supported their act, including saxophonist Chris Watling, drummer Robbie Magruder and keyboard player Benjie Porecki. There was a live show at Blues Alley in 2000.  Cindy Cain’s departure to Tulsa, OK shortly after the original recordings at Marco Delmar’s Recording Arts Studio in Merrifield, Virginia meant that the project would unfortunately get shelved for over 10 years.  It wasn’t until Janine Wilson and Mary Shaver joined forces for an all woman blues show in Falls Church, VA in late 2011, that the idea of bringing the Tomatoes music to our fans emerged.  There are six tunes in all, and you will be able to purchase them through this web site as soon as the mixing is done and this web site is fully functional.  Stay tuned to this web site to purchase digital downloads of the complete “Les Tomates Chaud” recordings.