The Mary Shaver Band plays sweet soul, blues and rock n roll around Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, Baltimore and Pennsylvania. The band can soothe you with a soft soul ballad or pull you in with traditional hard core blues standards.  Mary’s high energy vocals are sustained by gutsy guitar riffs, masterfully executed by Keith Grimes.  Raice McLeod’s skillful and soulful drumming seals the group’s foundation.  The Mary Shaver Band is a force with which to be reckoned.

The Washington Post has defined Mary as a “blues-icon in the making”.


July 2014 finds us HAPPY, HEALTHY and READY TO PLAY for you.

We hope everyone is having a great summer!

Please see our Schedule for upcoming events.

Highlights Include:

The Main Street Music Festival on 8/7 and The Greenbelt Labor Day Festival on 8/30.

The Music Cafe on 7/25 and the Ice House on 8/2.

Blue Monday with the Smokin’ Polecats on 9/22 at Westminster Church, DC.